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If you do this hard thing, there are some big wins in it for you. Really big wins. Are you tired of doing the things that you don’t want to keep doing? Do you wish you could change? Do you want your life to be different? This is a big resource for you. This could be what you need to get things moving in a new direction. Know why? Because... This. Is. Powerful. That is why it is hard and daunting. Satan does not want you to do this because it gives you access to God’s power. The enemy will fight you in this because he would much rather you stay where you are rather than see you move forward in strength and in the authority of God.

Memorizing scripture brings focus to your life. Memorizing verses will cause you to spend time directing your thoughts to the things that God wants for your life rather than the things that this world is pressuring you to do. When you need to make a decision, these words will spring to mind in just the right moment. God will use these words to guide you and protect you. The Spirit will use these truths to shape you to look more like Jesus. These words will make you better at life.

Scripture verses you can say with your mouth, head, and heart at anytime of the day or night, when you are facing any situation, can bring clarity and direction for how you should act. These words of truth and power can inform your decisions. If you want to know what God wants you to do, learn His Words. Consider this an invitation from God. Each challenge verse gives you an opportunity to change how you live your life.

My brain cells are abandoning me!


Some have run off...

Some snuck away when I wasn't looking...

Some have been lost...

Some have been donated to lots of great causes....

Some just gave up.

Some walked away.

Rally the rest. Close the hatch.  Reconvene the party. 

My brain cells have a new mission...

a new PURPOSE!


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“Could there be any better investment of our time, or any greater exercise for the mind than to fill our heads with memorized scripture? We all have this as a vague value, but The Scripture Challenge gives us the tools to actually get there. Lisa Toney has written a hilarious, charming, and deeply thought provoking challenge for those of us who are ready to make God’s word our daily bread!”

Holly Christine Hayes, author of From Basement to Sanctuary


“Simple. Engaging. Challenging.  Life-changing. Lisa Toney is like the best kind of coach and this book is her clipboard, whistle, and game plan all in one.  Part motivational speaker, part skilled teacher and part faithful companion on the journey, Lisa's scripture challenge will reignite a deep longing and heartfelt love for God's word permeating every aspect of your life.”

Tod Bolsinger, Fuller Seminary, author of Canoeing the Mountains: Leadership in Uncharted Territory

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"I’ve discovered that the more I memorize God’s Word, the more I hear from God. So, I’m cheering Lisa Toney’s work in The Scripture Challenge.  If you want to set yourself up to hear more from God, Lisa provides a crystal clear footprint for you to follow. When you tuck God’s life-giving, bondage-busting words deep inside your heart and mind, His transforming power will guide you toward freedom and victory. You can do this!"

Barb Roose, author of Winning The Worry Battle


"Scripture Challenge is right for you.  It is right for our time. Lisa is a dynamic and engaging teacher, leader, and friend.  Walk with her and take this challenge for your own good!"

Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University




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